Guccii with an extra i

Peer pressure and constantly being criticised for carrying a back-pack, forced me to hunt for a branded bag. Of course my current bag has a brand but probably not worth mentioning, so some people call it “non-branded” (euphemism for a cheap bag I guess).

Having spend hours on window shopping and scrolling through numerous websites including John Lewis and Harrods for those ridiculously priced branded bags I felt frustrated, time-wasted. I started self doubting my earning ability.

(No, by the way I am lying. I googled “Harrods” then good part of my brain warned me not to “How dare you !” , so I corrected it to John Lewis) .

Honesty check….

(No I am still hiding something, I googled for “Harrots” and google corrected me to “Did you mean Harrods” 😀 ) 

I was catching up with a  friend who is (or was, probably she changed her brand now) a proud owner of a Gucci bag also works in a UK bank (jealous 😐) and who occasionally brings to my attention that there is an Outlet mall that sells branded bags on discount. She also makes sure that she adds this warning “but even with discount its gonna be expensive eh !! ” , which made me wonder if she says that to help me or insult me or was it just an information she gave or if I am overthinking what she said?.

As the poison has been injected, I was thinking about what she said and was having a discussion with my husband who also thinks those hand bags are ridiculously priced. We are on the same page when it comes to spending high prices for brands – we don’t agree with the price. We both felt it is absurd to spend so much on a bag, instead we could go on a holiday, or donate to a charity and feel good about it etc. So we left the idea of buying a costly bag.

It was a Saturday and we dint have any plans for the weekend, a thought came to my mind from the evil side of my brain- why don’t we window shop the Outlet mall my friend suggested. Just window shop but I am not going to buy anything, this is strictly time-pass but 70% of my brain already knew that I want to buy that ridiculous bag anyway. So we drove to that damned Outlet mall to checkout bags. I wasn’t surprised to see long queues outside each shop as it was around Christmas.

I have already categorised the brands in my mind as

  • One month’s rent.
  • Half a month’s rent.
  • One way flight ticket to my home.
  • No harm in buying one but I sacrifice my take-away coffee for that month.

So tempted and also having noticed one of my friend carrying it, I was tempted to enter Coach bag shop as it falls under category 3 which is above my budget, wait what is my budget? none of these 4 are 😦 . A very professional sales lady who took me through their featured and most selling models. Me with a very convincing face trying to figure out “why? what is so special that this costs so much?”.

My husband looked really bored in a hand bag shop but I wanted him around as his shocked look may bring me back to sense for the money I am about to pay for the bag. So I wanted him around anyway for moral support and enlightenment.

After unsure expressions from me, the sales lady got an idea that I am not ready to pay for the featured models. I demanded the bag to have at-least 2 compartments, and zip to secure and tiny pouches on the side to have my mobile phone and oyster cards etc so she took me to the next section which was less priced than the one before but still pricey for me. With the same reaction from me she took me to their “Sale” section which had unsold or failure models which was an insult for me but hey I am an engineer not a banker and I am supposed to look geeky with a back-back (in fact I am comfortable in one). Sale section had bags affordable, so plain with no-detail and boat-like without a zipper to secure,they had no compartment but had those golden words (Coach) printed on the corner.

I looked at my husband for assurance and he said “Listen, this one is nothing what you wanted in a bag but it says Coach on it, so take it”. I felt liable to have converted a guy who was simple and stands by quality to agree to a silly bag for a brand name (I know he isn’t disagreeing with me because he doesn’t want to disappoint me by disapproving).

We both grinned at what he said and left the shop without buying any bags.

On the brighter side I have saved money from not making that purchase. I had this mushroom toast from Le Pain Quotidien for lunch that day.

mushroom toast







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